Mandurah Portrait + Landscape 2020 Terms & Conditions




  • Portrait Prize: Features an image in which a human being, or part thereof, is the key element.
  • Landscape Prize: Landscape, Urbanscape and/ or Seascape that features an area of land, sea or city, that encompasses natural or manmade features or formations, that may or may not include life, but should life be included it would be an insignificant part of the whole image.
  • Regional (Peel) Prize: Photographs taken of/within the Peel Region
  • Young Achiever: Young entrants of all abilities, up to 18 years of age
  • Smartphone: Images has been shot and/or edited (processed with apps) or otherwise created with any and all known mobile phone and tablet devices. (No desktop software is permitted.)


  • Prints and slides are not acceptable, though negatives, prints and slides can be digitised (scanned) and entered.
  • Filenames of images can be anything the entrant wishes (however the images will be automatically renamed when uploaded to ensure uniformity for competition organisers).
  • The image must be in JPEG file format and in RGB Colour Space
  • The size of the image file submitted via the Mandurah Camera House website, for initial judging, must be 3200 pixels on the longest edge.
    Save JPEG file at maximum quality to achieve a file size of more than 1 megabyte (MB) but less than 2 megabytes (MB). Images sized to more than 2 MB will not upload correctly.
  • No date or time, titles or marks, which may identify the author, are permitted on the actual images
  • If the image is chosen for the exhibition, you will be asked for an image that is capable of being printed to 39 centimetres on the longest edge at 300 pixels per inch (PPI).


  • Photographers of all ages who are residents on WA are welcome to submit images.
  • There are no restrictions on submission eligibility with regard to age however all smart phone images submitted will be charged at $12.00
  • There are no restrictions on submission eligibility with regard to age or residence unless prohibited by the jurisdiction in which the entrant resides.
  • Images must have been shot and/or edited (processed with apps) or otherwise created with any and all known mobile phone and tablet devices.
  • No desktop software is permitted.
  • Entries which do not conform to these rules will be disqualified.
  • Entrant asserts that you have the right or authorisation to submit your images to The Mandurah Portrait + Landscape Prize  and that the images you submit are your original work and do not infringe on any copyrights or any other rights of any third parties.
    Entrants grant The Mandurah Portrait + Landscape Prize  the right to use submitted images on The Mandurah Portrait + Landscape Prize  website and for promotion
  • The Mandurah Portrait + Landscape Prize is not responsible for lost or damaged entries, unreadable, corrupted, or damaged files. You hold The Mandurah Portrait + Landscape Prize  its management, judges, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, vendors, and affiliates harmless from any and all claims of liability resulting from your entry.


  • Young Achievers may enter as many images in any section they wish, however only entries into the Young Achieve will be billed at $7.00 all other entries will be charged at $12.00.
  • All entrants in the young achieve category must be under the age of 18 years prior to competition close (31st March 2020). 
  • Entries into the young achiever category may be of any photography genre.


The organising committee nominates a panel of four independent judges, whose decisions will be FINAL.


  • Professionals, amateurs, everyone;
  • Residents of Western Australia;
  • The photographs can have been taken at any time;
  • The photographs can be taken anywhere (except for Peel Regional Prize which must be taken in the Peel Region);
  • Previous entries from the MP&LP competition will not be eligible;
  • Entrants who are under 18 can enter both the youth section and the normal section, entrant fees still apply.


The submission fee is $12 per image and $7 for Young Achievers. Entries are not deemed 'accepted' until proof of payment of the relevant entry fee(s) has/have been received by the organising committee.


Competition results will be posted on the Mandurah Camera House website.


Semi-finalists to be shown as a powerpoint presentation on a screen in the vicinity of the finalists at the exhibition


Entry of digital images is via the Mandurah Camera House website only. CDs and DVDs containing entries will not be accepted.


  • The author of the photograph(s) retains the Copyright ownership with the exception of the Peel Prize that will be available for use by the City of Mandurah in print and online media. The photographer will be credited at all times.
  • Finalist images will be displayed on the Mandurah Camera House website. These images will be of low resolution and will be marked with the copyright symbol and the photographer's name as given on the entry form.
  • Competition finalists agree to allow their mounted images to be exhibited at the MP+LP exhibition (where the names of each photographer will appear) and on the Mandurah Camera House website.


  • Address: Shop 25 Mandurah Forum Shopping Centre - 330 Pinjarra Road, Mandurah, WA 6210
  • Phone: (08)9535 4638
  • Email: